Campaigns against Pipeline Vandalism

Community youths do vandalize pipelines and they admit it from time to time to SACA. However, they allege that they are induced, trained and equipped for it by the company staff and contractors, who want to make more money from cleanup contracts in addition to their salaries. If there are no oil spills, cleanup contractors and spills and remediation departments in the company would not make more money. “It’s a dirty game,” one youth alleged, “and if the company wants to destroy itself, am I the one to struggle to protect it from itself? ‘Wetin concern me?’ My concern is to do what they want me to do and get my share.” SACA embarked on serious anti-vandalism campaigns to sensitize the youths on the harm they are causing to their own environments and healths by these acts, and to conscientize the contractors and company workers on best practice.

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SACA’s Campaigns against Pipeline Vandalism

On 28th February, 2018, Stakeholders Alliance for Corporate Accountability organized a Town hall sensitization/campaign against pipeline vandalism in Epie-Zarama town hall. The program started around …

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